Timor Leste To Its Independence Gained A Series Of Impacts From The Economic Crisis

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Lee Kim Wee & Benjamin Tang Cheong


Several regions in Indonesia demand independence. However, only East Timor won the referendum and finally gained independence. The turmoil that occurred in Timor Leste to its independence gained a series of impacts from the economic crisis that led to the collapse of the New Order government. In 1998, the separatist movement was not exclusively in East Timor. In this research, it is known that these students consider nationalism and awareness as citizens are shown by good social behavior every day. Among the people who crossed national borders and became Indonesians, some of them remained in the territory of the island of Timor which was quite close to the border of Timor Leste. The separation of Timor Leste made many of its citizens who remained pro-Indonesia decides to conduct an exodus and remain as an Indonesian citizen. One of the young countries that gained their independence at the end of the 21st century is Timor Leste. Previously, this country was the 27th province of Indonesia until the referendum in 1999.  Some of the people who moved when they were children have now grown to become students and are educating outside the city and even outside the island. This movement and choice remain as Indonesian citizens they choose to make these students have a different perspective on the concepts of nationalism and citizenship.


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