Does Credit card usage cause the overcome wanting?

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K.G.N.W. Abeyrathna


Credit card usage and its overcoming need have become a more familiar topic that caused overwhelming influence on business, personnel life, and family credit behaviors imparting enormous opportunities and problems. This survey deals with the usage of credit cards and the overcome wanting which are created by credit card usage, the researcher considered only the bank credit cards except for other payment cards offered by the financial institutions. The survey considered 150 respondents through the random sampling technique from the Colombo district and 125 respondents were selected for the analysis. Respondents had to answer the 80 quantitative questions which were placed with a seven-point Likert scale where (1. Strongly disagree, 2. Mostly disagree 3. Disagree 4. Moderate 5. Agree 6. Mostly agree 7. Strongly agree). Descriptive questions except for the other 8 demographic characteristics questions. Primary data were collected using face to face interview method with a comprehensive questionnaire. As a research model, the descriptive statistic was used to present the result of the data. SPSS and MS Excel were used to analyze the collected data. As the studies’ prime findings, there is a positive correlation between credit card usage and overcoming wants. As a reaction, consumers should manage their purchases through credit cards and they shouldn’t make their purchase decisions through promotion details and card users should take rational decisions in purchasing.


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